6-Inch Volt-X Submersible Motors


Franklin Electric, the global leader in ground water and other submerged pumping applications, is proud to introduce the next generation of 6-inch submersible motors with a dual voltage feature. The 6-inch Volt-X motors will be offered in both standard water well and Sand Fighter constructions.

The 6-inch Volt-X motors offer power supply flexibility and inventory management advantages. The Volt-X voltage exchange device has been designed for sufficient gripping area in the T-handle to allow for easy installation and removal. The voltage rating is molded on the T-handle and the devices are differentiated by color.

The 6-inch Volt-X motors are dimensionally equivalent to standard motors of the same hp rating and will be shipped with a 460V Volt-X device installed. A 230V Volt-X device will be included in every box. Note: The new Volt-X devices are not compatible with the 2008 field trial motors.

To learn more about 6-inch Volt-X Submersible Motors, contact your Franklin Electric territory manager or visit our Web site at www.franklin-electric.com.