Franklin Electric Inline 1100 Constant Pressure System


Franklin Electric, the global leader in groundwater pumping and residential water pressure solutions, is proud to introduce another exciting product to its popular line of constant pressure systems.

The Inline 1100 constant pressure system is the solution for constant pressure needs in homes on both private well or city/municipal water systems.

The unique integrated pump, motor and drive is compact, quiet and easy to install.  The Inline 1100 constant pressure system does not simply increase the water pressure, this system will provide consistent pressure to every fixture in the home at the same time.

In addition to being ideal for homes on private wells or city water systems, a constant pressure system like the Inline 1100 will maximize the output and performance of other common water usage applications as well. Whether pumping from a cistern/holding tank, feeding a sprinkler, turf irrigation system, operating a livestock cooling system or boosting pressure to a multi-head commercial wash down system an increase in system performance and efficiency can be gained through Franklin Electric’s Inline 1100 constant pressure system.

For more information about the Inline 1100 constant pressure system and our complete family of water pressure solution products, contact your local Territory Sales Manager or visit the Inline 1100 constant pressure system web page.