QuickPAK Packaging


Franklin Electric continuously strives to improve and upgrade product offerings.  Below are two products Franklin has been able to enhance, providing better quality products for our customers.

QuickPAK Packaging

Beginning in 2010, QuickPAK shipping cartons will no longer be packaged using expandable foam or excess corrugated liners, as suggested by customers. The QuickPAK shipping carton, using new interior packaging, has successfully completed an extensive UPS ship trial with equal or increased product protection. As the inventory of the current QuickPAK shipping carton diminishes the new packaging design will be implemented. Many SKU’s are already being shipped with the new packaging design and the remaining SKU’s will be converted in the near future.

4-Inch Submersible Pump External Hardware

Previously, the 4-inch pump cable guard and screen were attached with 400 series stainless steel fasteners. As of February 2010, all newly built pumps will have a cable guard and screen that is attached using 300 series stainless steel fasteners, increasing corrosion resistance over the previous fasteners.  Pumps with 300 series stainless steel fasteners will be shipped as soon as possible as warehouse inventories are depleted.

If you have any questions regarding these product update changes, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Sales Manager.