SubDrive Inline 1100 Ready to Ship


Effective May 10, 2010, the SubDrive Inline 1100 will officially begin shipping to distributors. All purchase orders will be shipped in the order that they were received. The SubDrive Inline 1100 provides constant pressure for private wells, light commercial applications and municipal/city water systems.

As units begin to arrive for distribution to your customers, Franklin Electric would like to point out a recent change to the SubDrive Inline 1100’s installation procedure. The SubDrive Inline 1100 is NEMA 4 certified for installation in a wet environment; however, Franklin recommends that the SubDrive Inline 1100 be installed in an indoor or covered location, not in direct sunlight. Details on this NOTICE can be found in the Owner’s Manual, on a flyer in the shipping box, and on the pump itself.

Until further notice is given, Franklin Electric will not accept warranties on any unit that has been installed in a manner contrary to what is recommended in the product instructions. An indoor installation that is not in direct sunlight maximizes life expectancy of the drive’s electronics, ensuring many years of service.

For more information about the Inline 1100 constant pressure, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager or visit our Web site,