1.5 hp Control Box Model Change


Effective March 2011, Franklin Electric will modify the existing 1.5 hp control box. These changes are in response to comments from the field and will be implemented without further hesitation.

While maintaining our current run winding overload protection, we added a start winding overload protector and an increase to 15 mf in the run capacitor. These alterations improve efficiency, smooth motor operation, and reduce amp draw, as well as eliminate date code confusion with overload/capacitor kits.

The modified 1.5 hp control box model (2823008110) will be the only model required to operate and protect the Franklin Electric 1.5 hp 3-wire motor. Current inventory will be depleted prior to issuing the new control box.

For more information about Franklin Electric control boxes, visit www.franklin-electric.com or contact your Territory Manager.