Taking Versatility to a Deeper Level


The ability to provide products for virtually any application is something in which we take great pride. A quality, versatile product means our customers don’t have to worry about what pump to choose; they know they can rely on us.

Recently, we expanded our line of jet pumps to include the new Convertible VersaJet Pro. This pump has the ability to fit a variety of pressure and flow needs, in both shallow and deep well applications. Through a variety of suction flanges the Convertible VersaJet Pro provides the unique ability to easily fit into a variety of applications.

The introduction of a professional model to the Convertible VersaJet line provides the industry with proven, high performance service factors backed by A.O. Smith motors powering the pump.

For more information on the Convertible VersaJet Pro or our other jet pumps, please contact your local Franklin Electric Representative.

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