AIM Manual VFD Update


Variable Frequency Drive Submersible Motor Requirements

We strive to improve and maintain quality standards that exceed our customer expectations. To address the growing large submersible motor markets, the Franklin Electric Submersible Application Installation Maintenance (AIM) manual Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) section has been updated to stress the need for an additional output filter to be purchased for virtually all large submersible motor applications.

The Variable Frequency Drive Submersible Motor Requirements section of the AIM manual is available to download from the Franklin Electric website.

Additionally, a VFD Output Filter Supplement is available with commentary on why the need for an output filter on submersible motors is different from those for aboveground motors. This supplement is informational only and is not included in the AIM manual. To obtain a copy, please contact your local Franklin Electric Representative.

If you have any further questions concerning the AIM manual update or VFD Output Filter Supplement, please contact Franklin Electric’s Technical Service Hotline at 800.348.2420 or

VFD submersible motor requirements AIM manual update page 40 and 41