New 4x6-13H Pump Unit


Franklin Electric offers a wide array of Irrigation & Industrial products designed specifically for the water pumping industry and continuously strives to provide products to meet every application need. Effective May 1, 2011, Franklin Electric's line of pumps is expanding to include a new 4x6-13H pump unit.  The original 4x6-13 will still be available for repair parts until the 4x6-13H is fully implemented.

The difference between the 4x6-13 and the 4x6-13H pump unit is the hydraulic performance.  The casing, wear rings, shaft sleeve, and all other components remain the same.  The 4x6-13H pump unit was designed to provide premium efficiency, higher flow ratings and lower horsepower draw to better compete in the Irrigation and Industrial markets Franklin serves.

Franklin Irrigation and Industrial pumps feature proven components and provide superior performance for irrigation, community water systems, boosting, and recirculation. Franklin Electric will continue to embrace new opportunities with innovative products and services for this market segment.

Curve information:

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For more information on the 4x6-13H pump or other Franklin Electric pumps, please contact your local Franklin Electric Representative.