Franklin Electric Pump Selector Update for 8-Inch STS Now Available for Download


The Pump Selector is a powerful tool that uses design point in flow and feet of head to generate several Franklin pump options best suited to your application needs. Not only does it provide pump recommendations, it can also create PDF versions of pump reports, offer cost analysis, develop VFD application curves, and much more! Two versions of the Pump Selector are available: online and desktop.

Desktop Pump Selector

Catalog updates are now available for the Desktop Pump Selector, without downloading the entire program to update.

Get the latest version, 2.7, by following these steps:

  1. Visit:
  2. Check the license agreement checkbox
  3. Click continue
  4. Choose from two options:
    a. Download the entire software program: Choose the download button on the left, install the program, and you will be up-to-date.
    b. Update your existing software: Choose the download button on the right, open the file, run the “Franklin” application and your catalog will be updated.

Language support has also been added to both versions of the Pump Selector. The desktop version now supports English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian and the online version supports English, French, and Spanish.

If you have any questions about the catalog update, online or desktop versions of the Pump Selector program, please feel free to contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Hotline Representative.