NEMA 4 Option Card


Franklin Electric is proud to introduce the NEMA 4 Option Card.

The NEMA 4 Option Card has two functions that can be used separately or together:

    • Run-Indication Relay: Provides the user with a set of Normally-Open (N/O) and Normally-Closed (N/C) contacts with a shared Common (COM) point. These contacts allow the user to connect a type of run indication component (pilot lamp, buzzer, etc.) that will activate when the drive is either running, idle, or both, depending on which set(s) of contacts are selected. The contacts may also be used as an enable/disable switch for an auxiliary device.
    • Underload Extended Off-Time: Provides the user the ability to increase the default off time of the SubDrive following an underload fault, which occurs when the well has been over-pumped. The SubDrive defaults to a five minute off time before attempting to run the motor, allowing the water level in the well to recover. This function allows the user to override the five minute default off time of the SubDrive. Available off-time selections range from 10-480 minutes.

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