Inline 1100 Success Story: Don’t Settle With Poor Water Pressure.


Open up the September 2015 issue of Water Well Journal to page 35 and you’ll see how the Franklin Electric Inline 1100 helped a family overcome an annoying water pressure challenge. Here’s a short synopsis of the published story:WWJ Inline 1100

Steve Peel, a veteran building contractor of more than 15 years and part owner of Gulfstream Homes in Naples, Florida, dealt with a water pressure challenge in his own home. Depending on the amount of water being used within the home at any given time, water fluctuations varied from a small change in pressure to a trickling showerhead. The Peel family regularly adjusted their nightly routine to maneuver around the dishwashing, shower, and laundry schedules of a family of four—which included two growing boys. 

As a builder, Peel was tired of something he knew had an easy fix. So the Peel family, with the help of Golden Gate Well Drilling in Naples, turned to a proven constant pressure water system that now provides them the feeling of a municipal system—allowing the family to run the dishwasher, both showers, the washing machine, and irrigate the lawn simultaneously without a drop in water pressure.

Cruise Control For Your Water Pressure

The system setup is fairly simple: From the 300-gallon storage tank, the water goes directly to the Franklin Electric Inline 1100 constant pressure system. This quiet, all-in-one system contains the pump, motor, and drive in a compact package with easy and versatile installation. It starts out running slowly when little water is required, and when another faucet or shower turns on and water volume needs increase, the pump instantly accelerates to the proper speed to make sure the water pressure stays constant throughout the home.

From contractor Bob Mast, Golden Gate Well Drilling: “The end result has been great. The Peel family is getting bottled water quality straight from any faucet and a constant water pressure of 60 psi throughout the house.”

The homeowner, Steve Peel, is just as happy: “From a business standpoint, now I feel like I have a good solution that I can recommend to my customers. For my family personally, it has eliminated the annoyances we had with typical systems. It really responds like a municipal system by providing constant water pressure to the entire home, no matter what else is running. Through it all, we have turned a place we originally planned to flip in a short period into a home we plan to stay in for a long while.”

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