Product Enhancement: SubDrive Utility PSC & Surface Pump Functionality


As part of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, Franklin Electric is excited to announce the addition of submersible permanent split capacitor (PSC) and surface pump functionality to the SubDrive Utility™. This standard product upgrade provides easy setup methods to achieve constant pressure in submersible PSC, above-ground booster, and jet pump applications. The new capability has been rigorously lab validated to properly function with Franklin Electric C1 Series, MH Series, BT4 Series, DDS Series, and VersaJet pumps.FE Subdrive Utility Angled Right Hero With Shadow

Product Features

  • Support for 115 V and 230 V single-phase 2-wire submersible PSC, above-ground booster, and jet pumps with overload current ratings from 4.6 A to 13.1 A
  • Basic DIP switch settings allow for easy setup of overload current, pump type, motor voltage, and system response settings
  • Software version 1.3.1 or later adds the ability to download a fault and configuration history file from the SubDrive Utility onto a USB storage device for enhanced troubleshooting capability

The SubDrive Utility drive model, order number, and pricing are NOT changing as part of this running product upgrade. Drives with submersible PSC and surface pump functionality may be identified by the software version 1.3.1 or later firmware noted on the shipping carton label.

Updating Current Drives
The updated SubDrive Utility firmware file, along with additional installation instructions in PDF form for submersible PSC and surface pumps, are posted in the Downloads section of the SubDrive Utility product page. Customers may download the updated firmware (version 1.3.1 or later) and update units in inventory via a USB storage device to add submersible PSC and surface pump functionality.

For more information on SubDrive Utility, click here.