Success Story: Nearly 6 Million Gallons Since 1978


Delmer Gray recently shared a Franklin Electric motor from 1978 with us to show the value we’ve brought to his business. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“My dad commonly says, ‘Why is it that we never have time to do it right the first time, yet we always have time to make sure it’s done right the second time.’ In my experience, doing it right means installing Franklin Electric. This recently pulled 1978 motor is a great example of why. Set 35-feet deep, it spent a large amount of its life helping to provide water in a residential application for a family of four. Based on normal water uses, I’m guessing it supplied Gray Well Service LLC Photoroughly 400 gallons of water per day, which would be nearly six million gallons of water over a lifetime. The water conditions were pretty standard for southern Michigan at about 20 to 30 grains hard with high iron levels. And, this is only one. I know of hundreds of other wells in this area that have had Franklin motors for 30 to 40 years that are still going strong. That’s why I stand behind Franklin Electric. When you set up the system properly, you can expect great quality and longevity from their products. I’ve used a lot of different products, and Franklin Electric is the best on the market. As a Key Dealer, my territory manager is always there for me and the Technical Service Hotline helps me when I have questions. The customer service provided by Franklin Electric goes unmatched.”

--- Delmer Gray, Gray Well Service, LLC, in Coldwater, Michigan

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