Success Story: “These Customers Got Their Money’s Worth From Franklin Electric”


Jonathan Scronce, an 18-year groundwater veteran, recently shared his story about the value Franklin Electric has brought to his family’s business for more than 70 years. Here’s what he had to say…Scronce Motors

“My family has been loyal to Franklin Electric pretty much since day one, and these motors from 1986 are just two examples of why. While they have since been replaced, I have no doubt that both motors would still be working today if the application was a little different. The first one from Connelly Springs, North Carolina, was put to work for a residential home and farm. From a single 70-foot well, this pump provided roughly 500 gallons a day for three people in the home, and then additionally provided water for 10 head of cattle and three horses. A water line broke, causing the well to run dry, or this motor would still be running today. The second motor was in a unique, hand-dug well about 60-feet deep that supplied water to a residential vacation home in Lake Hickory, North Carolina. The Franklin motor didn’t care, providing seasonal operation for decades until the wet end failed. The motor itself was still working perfectly. After 32 years of service in applications with very high iron, I believe it’s safe to say these customers got their money’s worth from Franklin Electric.”

The Scronce Legacy Lives On 70 Years Later
“I’m a third-generation groundwater professional, and I’ve been in this business nearly my entire life. My grandfather started with a water well distributor before opening his well drilling business in 1947. Grandpa started the family trend of taking pride in our work and reputation, and in the 1960s, a switch to Franklin Electric motors aligned with his vision and drive for quality installations. Our family has remained with Franklin ever since. After more than 40 years in the business, grandpa split the company amongst my dad and uncle and the second Scronce Grandpa Combined Photosgeneration took off. It was an obvious opportunity for me, so starting at the age of 16, you could find me working with my grandpa, dad and/or uncle on a drill rig. I have a passion for the industry, so while both my dad and uncle’s businesses are still going strong, I started Jonathan Scronce Well & Pump Service on my own to widen our presence. About 90 percent of my surrounding area are on private wells, so my company handles everything related to pump and well service work for our customers. I still use Franklin Electric today. It’s tried, tested, and true, and they have been there from the beginning. I know I can trust Franklin Electric!”

--- Jonathan Scronce, Jonathan Scronce Well & Pump Service, in North Carolina