Success Story: "I Will Definitely Choose Franklin Electric Any Chance I Get"


Picture Of 1977 Motor Dave Konkle Dave Konkle, a homeowner from Fort Wayne, Indiana, recently shared a Franklin Electric motor from 1977 with us to show the value it brought to not only his family, but the families before his. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“I was honestly impressed to know that since 1978, when our home was completed, that this motor has been 80 feet underground working daily for this 4500 square-foot house serving a family of 5. This recently pulled 1977 motor was pumping water with some of the highest iron content in northern Indiana. Not too many things I see now of days will last like this did. With witnessing this great marvel, I will definitely choose Franklin Electric any chance I get in the future.”

--- Dave Konkle, Homeowner, Fort Wayne, IN