Success Story: “Everyone Is Still Trying To Catch Up”


Rick Eversole, a 3rd generation family-owned businessman and 40-year groundwater veteran, recently shared a photo with us of a Franklin Electric motor from 1972 to show the value we’ve had for his business. Here’s what he had to sayRick Eversole 1972 Motor about it…

“This motor was installed by my grandfather in 1972. The homeowner thought the unit was bad, but it turned out it was just a wire issue. It was decided to go ahead and replace it since it had been pulled 600 feet on galvanized pipe. The unit pumped on average 300 gallons per day. It provided water to a residential application that also utilized it on a hydrant pump and to water a garden periodically. I believe this motor did so well because of the quality that it was built with, proper installation, proper ground, and proper unit. I have always been happy with Franklin Electric motors and think everyone is still trying to catch up to them today.”

--- Rick Eversole, Eversole Drilling Company, Max Meadows, VA
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