Success Story: “Franklin Motors Are All We Carry”


Geoff Cantrell recently shared a perfectly working 1976 Franklin Electric Motor pulled out of a well to show the value we’ve brought to his business. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“We pulled this motor and it was still in great working condition! The 1/3 horsepower,1976 Motor Picture 1976 Franklin motor has been providing water to a residential house in Gravette, Arkansas, with a family of four for years. The motor came from a shallow well that ran in a harsh, high-concentrated sulfur application. The only reason I pulled it was to measure the well’s depth so we can properly plan for its replacement well that we will be digging in the future. Of course, I plan to put another Franklin motor in that well. I know when I use a Franklin motor, I can count on it for years to come. We go to FranklinTECH every year in Oklahoma to see what products Franklin has to offer. We get to see the build process of these products, and I feel like they offer more than what others do. Franklin always has a hot product line, and you don’t really get the service they have to offer anywhere else. For those reasons, Franklin motors are all we carry. When a new well is drilled, Franklin is what we put in it. I am 100 percent certain that I am not going to have any issues with their motors. When we put in a Franklin motor, we know it is going to last.”

1977 Ctrl Box

1977 Control Box In "...In Perfectly Working Condition..."

Shortly after providing the above motor photo, Geoff also passed along another gem that he stumbled upon...

“The capacitor and relay check out like a new one should! This 1977 1/3 horsepower Franklin Control Box was recently pulled in Rogers, Arkansas, in perfectly working condition, providing valuable use to your typical residential family of four or five. The Franklin Electric control box was replaced with a new Franklin box when the pump and motor was replaced so it would all be new and ready to provide water for years to come.”

--- Geoff Cantrell, Tiff City Pump, in Anderson, Missouri