Success Story: 1975 Motor – “Worked For 40 Years Perfectly Without A Single Problem”


Tim Shrum recently shared a story about a 1975 Franklin Electric motor with us to show the value we’ve brought to his business. Here’s what he had to say about it…Picture1

“We have been in business since 1974 and this is the oldest pump I have seen still working. We were asked by the homeowner to replace his pump and motor. After testing the unit, we determined that it did not need replaced. In fact, it was still very close to the original pumping specifications. The homeowner still insisted that we replace it as he didn’t want to leave any loose strings for the next family that would live there. The motor was set 80 feet within a granite formation, which provided clean drinking water for a family of four for the first 20 years of its life, then for a family of two for the remaining years. Along with that, the homeowner used the well to irrigate his garden and lawn every summer. This unit has been working for 40 years perfectly without a single problem. For this reason, I swear by Franklin Electric products.”

--- Tim Shrum, Diamond Well Drilling, in Auburn, California

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