New Video Series – Meters: Tips and Troubleshooting


Check out the new video series from FranklinTECH! Learn all about meters and best practices while troubleshooting Franklin Electric products from water systems industry veteran Mark Reeder. Each video contains specific, easy-to-understand information so you can focus on what's important in your day-to-day operations, instead of worrying about meter training.

Throughout this video series you will see the following topics covered:

Voltmeters – Learn all about voltage, how it is measured, and how it can help troubleshoot your submersible water system's challenges.

Ammeters – Learn all about ammeters, how to use them to measure amperage, and the difference between full-load amperage and service factor amperage.

Ohmmeters and Megohmmeters – Learn how to use ohmmeters and megohmmeters to measure resistance, helping you identify the condition of your submersible system and your entire installation.

Capacitor Testers – Learn how capacitors can improve the performance of your motors and how to troubleshoot them.

Watch the full series now.

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