8" MagForce High Efficiency Motor

8" MagForce High Efficiency Motor

Rewindable Three-Phase 75-175 HP, 460/575 V 120 HZ

Get the streamlined solution needed for pumping power at maximum efficiency: MagForce™ High Efficiency Motors are engineered for high performance, simple startup and incredible long-term cost savings. Owners and operators benefit from electrical cost savings as a result of 93% efficiency rating in the motor for an investment payback of less than two years in typical duty rate systems*. *Results based on field trial data

Each MagForce High Efficiency Motor is powered by permanent magnet technology that enables operation at a fraction of the energy consumption when compared to traditional induction designs. When optimized and paired with an innovative Franklin Electric engineered drive, users benefit from intuitive startup and reliable protection for submersible pumping applications.

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  • Features and Benefits

    • GROUNDBREAKING EFFICIENCY: Powered by MagForce High Efficiency Motor with up to 93% efficiency rating that is 5-6 points (7%) greater than standard induction motor construction. Typical duty rate systems can have a payback* of 1 to 2 years.
    • SLASH ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION: Up to 14% energy savings* compared to traditional induction motors.
    • SIMPLIFIED INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Available motor options cover a wide range of pump horsepower needs (up to 175 hp) with fewer SKUs to manage.
    • SMALLER FOOTPRINT: Lighter and easier to handle than standard induction motors.
    • INTUITIVE STARTUP: When optimized and paired with a Franklin Electric variable frequency drive, expect easy startups and reliable protection for any project.
    • BUILT TOGETHER TO WORK TOGETHER: Rely on components from a single trusted source for the ultimate in operational compatibility and optimized operation.
    • FULLY SUPPORTED: Comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers.
    • *Field trial data.

    Ideal for Long-run Applications

    • Groundwater remediation
    • Drainage water level control
    • Municipal/Utility water supply
    • Construction site dewatering
    • High volume and industrial livestock operations
    • Mine site dewatering and tank level control
    • Well supply geothermal HVAC systems

    Motor Specifications

    • Sand Fighter® models are equipped with Franklin’s robust Sand Fighter sealing system for durability against sand or other abrasives.
    • Max 3600 rpm (4 pole, 120 Hz); Nominal 3450 rpm (4 pole, 115 Hz) Maximum temperature winding wire NEMA class 200
    • Standard rewindable motor with PE2/PA winding insulation
    • 8” double flange NEMA mounting design
    • All motors with factory installed leads, motor lead length: 19 ft
    • Stainless steel shell
    • Liquid lubricated radial bearings and high capacity Kingsbury type 10,000 lb thrust bearing for 100% maintenance-free operation
    • Pressure-equalizing diaphragm, spring pre-loaded
    • Sand slinger
    • Nominal ambient temperature: 86°F with 1.5 ft/s cooling flow
    • Stainless steel splined shaft
    • Max. storage temperature: 5°F to 140°F
    • System Supply Voltage: 460/575 V (120 Hz)
    • Voltage Tolerance: ± 10 % UN
    • DOL-start
    • Frequency of starts: 10 starts/hour (with min. 3 minutes resting time), equally distributed
    • Motor ingress protection IP68
    • NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
    • Motor installation orientation: Vertical / horizontal (shaft end heightened)
    • Rotation counterclockwise facing shaft end (rotation reversible)


  • System with Cerus X-Drive

    MagForce High Efficiency MotorCerus X-Drive*Output Filter Options**
    Motor OnlyMax
    at HP
    NEMA 3R Panel***NEMA 1 Drive OnlydV/dt FilterSine Wave Filter
    Model No.H x W x DModel No.H x W x DNEMA 1NEMA 3RNEMA 1/3R
    XS4B075-3A48 x 30 x 16CXD-091A-4V19.7 x 11.0 x 10.0V1K130A01V1K130A03MSD0110A300
    1002630165331124XS4B100-3A48 x 30 x 16CXD-150A-4V21.7 x 13.0 x 10.8V1K160A01V1K160A03MSD0130A300
    1252630165331160XS4B125-3A53 x 35 x 16CXD-180A-4V21.7 x 13.0 x 10.8V1K200A01V1K200A03MSD0160A300
    1502630185331182XS4B150-3A53 x 35 x 16CXD-220A-4V23.2 x 14.6 x 11.8V1K250A01V1K250A03MSD0200A300
    1752630185331216XS4B175-3A53 x 35 x 16CXD-220A-4V23.2 x 14.6 x 11.8V1K305A01V1K305A03MSD0250A300
    XP6B075-3A48 x 30 x 16CXD-104A-6V23.2 x 14.6 x 11.8V1K130A01V1K130A03MSD0110A300
    100263016533199XP6B100-3A48 x 30 x 16CXD-150A-6V23.2 x 14.6 x 11.8V1K160A01V1K160A03MSD0130A300
    1252630165331128XP6B125-3A53 x 35 x 16CXD-180A-6V31.5 x 16.5 x 11.8V1K200A01V1K200A03MSD0160A300
    1502630185331146XP6B150-3A53 x 35 x 16CXD-220A-6V31.5 x 16.5 x 11.8V1K250A01V1K250A03MSD0200A300
    1752630185331173XP6B175-3A53 x 35 x 16CXD-220A-6V31.5 x 16.5 x 11.8V1K305A01V1K305A03MSD0250A300
    • The system includes: MagForce High Efficiency Motor with lead and Cerus X-Drive in NEMA 3R panel configurations or as a standalone NEMA drive.
    • The Cerus® X-Drive Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is Franklin Electric’s all-inclusive drive solution for a variety of markets.
    • *NOTE: Firmware version 1.1 or newer is required for permanent magnet motor (or MagForce) functionality.
    • **Output filters are required when using an X-Drive with a permanent magnet motor. dV/dt filters cover motor lead lengths up to 800’. A sine wave filter is required for lead lengths greater than 800’
    • ***NEMA 3R panels include door-mounted keypad with HOA functionality, a circuit breaker, dV/dt filter, and line reactor or integrated DC Choke
  • Accessories

    AccessoriesDetailUsed WithPart Number
    Fill SolutionFES92 concentrated solutionn/a151300907*
    Fill Solution Tool KitSyringe & Test Pin308018263
    PT-100 Sensor6-12" Rewindable & PM Motors - 32ft lead lengthCerus X-Drive models308016501**
    Pressure TransducerPressure Transducer, 100PSIG, 4-20mAPSIG-100-20FT
    Pressure Transducer, 200PSIG, 4-20mAPSIG-200-20FT
    Pressure Transducer, 300PSIG, 4-20mAPSIG-300-20FT
    Optional Cards & OtherModbus TCP/IP Communication CardCMC-EIP01
    I/O Card - Additional 4 digital inputs and 2 transistor outputsEMC-D42A
    I/O Card - Additional 6 digital inputsEMC-D611A
    I/O Card - Additional 6 relay outputsEMC-R6AA
    • '*Mix 1 part FES92 with 2 parts deionized water, shake concentrate prior to using
    • '**Reference installation guide for appropriate sensor depth