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Off-Grid Water Pumping

Water pumping can be free of electrical utility dependence. Harness the power of the sun to provide water wherever you need it with Franklin Electric’s proven and dependable solar water pumping systems. Whether the need is lawn or crop irrigation, water transfer, drinking water for people or livestock, or just having water where it currently isn’t, ask for Franklin Electric.

Not sure if solar is right for you? Remember, with Franklin Electric’s rugged, yet environmentally friendly solar pumping systems, water can be distributed anywhere the sun shines…even if only for small windows of time. And it's easier than you might think. As the groundwater experts, we offer a complete solar product line that includes the solar panels, pump, motor, and drive. We back it up with Field Service Engineers willing to work with our licensed water well contractors every step of the way.

Choose solar for your water pumping needs today!

Solar Products