Fhoton SolarPAK ½-1.5hp

Fhoton SolarPAK ½-1.5hp

The Fhoton™ SolarPAK is a modular, compact, and flexible system solution to meet your solar pumping requirements. By utilizing quality components, innovative thinking, global market inputs, and a technical expertise in groundwater pumping, Franklin Electric has developed cost-effective systems operating on two solar panels and 48 volts through large-scale watering systems up to 380 volts. These systems tackle the challenges of water pumping in harsh and remote environments. No other system delivers the features, benefits, and reliability of Fhoton SolarPAK in just one package!

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Specs & Accessories
  • The Fhoton™ SolarPAK includes:

    • Franklin Electric 4" submersible motor
    • Motor and drive ratings available: 0.50, 0.75 or 1.5 hp (0.37, 0.55 or 1.1 kW)
    • Franklin Electric 4" submersible pump
    • Variety of flow rates available: 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, or 90 US gpm (10, 18, 25, 30, 45, 70, 100, 150, or 270 lpm)
    • Fhoton™ Solar controller
    • Flow switch with 30 ft (10 m.) cable


    • High-flow system for faster tank-fill and significant water output
    • Proven motor and pump technology for long-term reliability
    • Robust IP66, NEMA 4 enclosure minimizes impact from wildlife, insects, dust, and weather
    • Optimized for use with DC solar array
    • Operating status and fault conditions indicated by multi-color LED
    • Terminals provided for an optional data communications board
    • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for maximizing efficiency of input power
    • Soft-start feature prevents water hammer and increases system life
    • Allows use of new solar array or retrofit to existing array (subject to size and performance check)
    • Simple installation with no required maintenance
    • Built-in diagnostics and protection
    • cULus and UL approved
  • NPT

    Solar Controller
    Solar Pump
    MotorFlow Switch
    ModelPart No.US
    3FDSP-0.75HP-HR90140314FD Solar 0.55 kW N4581013000864-SPIP0003-03SL07S4-HR8300125040.752349029204GS--
    7FDSP-0.75HP-HR90140714FD Solar 0.55 kW N4581013000864-SPIP0017-07SL07S4-HR8300125020.752349029204GS--
    5FDSP-0.5HP90040504FD Solar 0.37 kW N4581011100984-SP050HP5135FR05S4-PE963205000.52349049204GSC25226014102
    7FDSP-0.5HP90040704FD Solar 0.37 kW N4581011100984-SP050HP7107FR05S4-PE963207000.52349049204GSC25226014102
    15FDSP-0.5HP90041504FD Solar 0.37 kW N4581011100984-SP050HP15415FA05S4-PE938215050.52349049204GSC25226014102
    20FDSP-0.5HP90042004FD Solar 0.37 kW N4581011100984-SP050HP20520FA05S4-PE938220050.52349049204GSC25226014102
    5FDSP-0.75HP90040514FD Solar 0.55 kW N4581013000864-SP075HP5185SL07S4-PE900205030.752349029204SC25226014102
    7FDSP-0.75HP90040714FD Solar 0.55 kW N4581013000864-SP075HP7137SL07S4-PE900207030.752349029204SC25226014102
    10FDSP-0.75HP90041014FD Solar 0.55 kW N4581013000864-SP075HP10810SL07S4-PE900210030.752349029204SC25226014102
    15FDSP-0.75HP90041514FD Solar 0.55 kW N4581013000864-SP075HP15615SL07S4-PE900215030.752349029204SC25226014102
    5FDSP-1.5HP90040524FD Solar 1.1 kW N4581014200864-SP150HP5305SL15S4-PE900205071.52345049203SC25226014102
    7FDSP-1.5HP90040724FD Solar 1.1 kW N4581014200864-SP150HP7307SL2S4-PE900207101.52345049203GSC25226014102
    10FDSP-1.5HP90041024FD Solar 1.1 kW N4581014200864-SP150HP101810SL2S4-PE900210101.52345049203SC25226014102
    15FDSP-1.5HP90041524FD Solar 1.1 kW N4581014200864-SP150HP151515SL2S4-PE900215101.52345049203SC25226014102
    25FDSP-1.5HP90042524FD Solar 1.1 kW N4581014200864-SP150HP251025SL2S4-PE900225101.52345049203SF21226019102
    35FDSP-1.5HP90033524*FD Solar 1.1 kW N4581014200864-SP150HP351035SL2S4-PE900235101.52345049203SF21226019102
    45FDSP-1.5HP90034524*FD Solar 1.1 kW N4581014200864-SP150HP45745SL2S4-PE900245101.52345049203SF21226019102
    90FDSP-1.5HP90039024*FD Solar 1.1 kW N4581014200864-SP150HP90590SL2S4-PE900290101.52345049203SF21226019102
    • *High capacity pumps, 35 US gpm (100 lpm) and higher, in a SolarPAK are not supplied with an internal check valve
  • Specs

    Controller Model No.0.50 hp (0.37 kW)0.75 hp (0.55 kW) Model1.5 hp (1.1 kW) Model
    Max. Output Voltage48 VAC, 3-Phase100V AC, 3-phase200V AC, 3-phase
    Max. Amps (RMS)9.8 A, each phase8.6 A, each phase6.8 A, each phase
    Output Frequency20-60 Hz20-60 Hz20-60 Hz
    Efficiency at Max Power0.980.980.98
    PV Source
    Input Voltage at MPP40-110 VDC*45 - 300 VDC*175 - 420 VDC*
    Max. Amps Input7.2 A DC, continuous7.2 A DC, continuous6.2 A DC, continuous
    Power at MPPUp to 600 wattsUp to 1200 wattsUp to 2000 watts
    Controller Size - L x W x D
    cm (in)15.24 x 15.24 x 19.05 (6.28 x 6.28 x 4.02)15.24 x 15.24 x 19.05 (6.28 x 6.28 x 7.32)15.24 x 15.24 x 19.05 (6.28 x 6.28 x 7.32)
    Controller Weight
    lbs (kg)8.8 (4)10 (4.5)10 (4.5)
    Operating Conditions
    Temperature Range122 °F (104 °F max when using AC generator)
    -25 °C to 50 °C (40 °C max when using AC generator)
    Relative Humidity Range0 to 100% Condensing
    • *40,45 and 115Vdc for the 0.55 kW and 1.1 kW models respectively should not be interpreted as an adequate rate PV array output voltage for any installation.
    • See the Solar Array Specifications and System Sizing program for indication of adequate array voltage to provide useful pumping capability.


    Model No.Description
    581114204AC/DC Power Converter
    226944901Mounting Bracket
    581COMM-APPWi-Fi Module
    • * Fhoton™ HR Models

    Fhoton PMA Dimensions

    USGPMLPMHPkWStagesABCDischargePE WeightPMA Weight

    Panels, Pole Mount, And Accessories

    BrandPanel WattageVoltagePanel Size
    Panel Weight
    No. of PanelsVertical Support
    Pole Size
    Pole Mount*
    Open CircuitMPPTOrder No.Description
    Canadian Solar®275383165"x39"x1.6"4423" SCH403057090152-SWPM-265R
    34" SCH403057090003-SWPM-265R
    44" SCH803057090014-SWPM-265R
    56" SCH403057090025-SWPM-265R
    66" SCH403057090036-SWPM-265R
    76" SCH803057090047-SWPM-265R
    86" SCH803057090058-SWPM-265R
    98" SCH403057090069-SWPM-265R
    108" SCH4030570900710-SWPM-265R
    118" SCH8030570900811-SWPM-265R
    128" SCH8030570900912-SWPM-265R
    • *Includes solar panels; 600 V, 30 Amp, NEMA 3R, DC-rated disconnect switch; connection wire for use between the panels and disconnect; galvanized ground rod and clamps; ground wire and bonding equipment; connection wire for use between the disconnect and solar VFD control; and mechanical layout of the panel structure

    Panels And Accessories

    BrandPanel WattageVoltagePanel Size LxWxHPanel Weight (lbs)No. of PanelsNo Mounting System*
    Open CircuitMPPTOrder No.Description
    Canadian Solar®275383165"x39"x1.6"4443057090194-SW-265P
    • *Includes solar panels; 600 V, 30 Amp, NEMA 3R, DC-rated disconnect switch; connection wire for use between the panels and disconnect; galvanized ground rod and clamps; ground wire and bonding equipment; and connection wire for use between the disconnect and solar VFD control

    Solar Panels*

    BrandPanel WattageVoltagePanel Size LxWxHPanel Weight (lbs)No. of ModulesOrder No.Description
    Open CircuitMPPT
    Vikram Solar325463877"x39"x1.6"60Per each 1+3057090301-SP-HWTP-VK-325 MODULE
    2530570905225-SP-HWTP-VK-325 PER/PALLET
    • *Does not include panel mounting, DC disconnect, wire harnesses, or grounding equipment

    Solar Panel Mounting*, And Accessories

    BrandNo. of ModulesVertical Support
    Pole Size (Qty.)
    Shipping Info.Order No.Description
    Size LxWxHWeight (lbs)
    Spire4 Technologies24" SCH40 (1)36" x 10"x 10"213057090452-SRTPM
    34" SCH40 (1)36" x 10"x 10"233057090463-SRTPM
    44" SCH40 (2)36" x 10"x 10"303057090474-SRTPM
    54" SCH40 (2)36" x 10"x 10"333057090485-SRTPM
    64" SCH40 (2)36" x 10"x 10"393057090496-SRTPM
    IMO DisconnectDC Safety Switch, IP66 25A 600VDC 2-Pole4.5" x 4.0" x 7.25"1.25305709035SI25-PEL64R-2H
    • *Solar Panel Mounting System uses one, 4.0" SCH40, steel pipe as a horizontal cross support beam; cross support beam is cut to length based on number and type of solar panel; does not include solar panels, DC disconnect, wire harnesses, or grounding equipment
    • NOTE: Canadian Solar is owned by Canadian Solar Inc.; Vikram Solar is owned by Vikram Solar (Solar Energy Company); Spire4 Technologies is owned by Spire4 Technologies LLC; IMO is owned by IMO Precision Controls Ltd; Electrical specification data is solar industry STC
    • Solar panel purchases will ship collect or prepaid and charge.