Fhoton Surface SolarPAK

Fhoton Surface SolarPAK

Fhoton™ Surface SolarPAK systems are designed to meet pressure boosting and water transfer needs while running on the power of the sun. Utilizing industry-proven cast iron and stainless steel pumps, systems are available in a range of horsepower sizes that offer high performance solar pumping for a wide variety of applications. Whether boosting water pressure from a cistern tank, solar fountain, or other surface source, Franklin's quality solar products will fit your renewable energy needs.

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Specs & Accessories
  • The Fhoton™ Surface SolarPAK includes:

    • Fhoton™ solar controller
    • Franklin Electric pump and motor
    • Low flow cut-off switch


    • Turf Irrigation
    • Water Transfer
    • Pressure Boosting
    • Water Circulation
    • Fountains
    • Wash Down Applications
    • Animal Hydration
    • Commercial Water Features
    • Rain Water Harvesting
  • NPT

    SolarPakFhoton™ Solar ControllerSurface Pump/Motor (NPT)Flow Switch (NPT)
    SolarPAK ModelOrder No.Drive ModelPart No.TypeModelPart No.ModelFlow switch
    FDSP-0.5HP-7BT491040725FD Solar 1.1kW N4581014200864-14IB000Booster7FBT05S4-T95830755C25226014102
    FDSP-1.5HP-30MH91143025FD Solar 1.1kW N4581014200864-14IB001Booster30FMH2S5-T96063013F21226019102
    FDSP-1HP-FCE91240025FD Solar 1.1kW N4581014200864-14IC000End SuctionFCE1CI-T90203010F21226019102
    FDSP-1.5HP-TB91340025FD Solar 1.1kW N4581014200864-14IA000Self PrimmingFTB15CI-SSI-T92983015F21226019102
  • Fhoton Solar Dimensions

    ModelHPkWPHDimensionsPMA Weight
    30FMH2S5-T21.5321.61549820341021251 1/4324319.5
    FCE1CI-T10.75315.573958.922641021251 1/4323415.5
    FTB15CI-SSI-T1.51.13256358.872257.271851 1/2381 1/2385525
    • * Pump image is not representative of all products and is for general reference only; A = Length, B = Height, C = Vertical distance to center of suction line

    Photovoltaic Panels with Racks & Accessories Kit

    No. of PanelsOrder No.DescriptionPole Size Required* (Qty.)PV Panel type
    (included in kit)
    Photovoltaic Panel (Each)
    Watts**Vmpp**Voc**LxWxHWt. (lbs)
    23057090152-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (1)60-cell
    300W+32V40V65"x39"x1.6"40.1 lbs
    33057090003-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (1)
    43057090014-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (1 or 2)
    53057090025-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (2)
    63057090036-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (2)
    73057090047-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (3)
    83057090058-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (3)
    93057090069-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (3)
    1030570900710-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (4)
    1130570900811-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (4)
    1230570900912-SolarPV-60cell-KIT4" SCH40 (4)
    • Includes Solar (PV) panels, Pole-mount racks for PV panels, 600V DC-rated disconnect, connection wire for use between the panels and disconnect & between disconnect and solar VFD, ground wire and bonding equipment, galvanized ground rod and clamps.
    • **Electrical specification data is solar industry STC.

    Solar (Photovoltaic) Panels

    No. of PanelsOrder No.DescriptionPanel typePhotovoltaic Panel (each)
    Watts**Vmpp**Voc**LxWxHWt. (lbs)
    320W+37V46V77"x39"x1.6"49.6 lbs
    • **Electrical specification data is solar industry STC.

    Mounting Racks

    For no. of
    PV Panels
    Order No.DescriptionPole Size Required* (Qty.)Shipping Information
    Size (LxWxH)Wt. (lbs)
    23057090452-SolarPV-Rack4" SCH40 (1)36"x10"x10"21
    33057090463-SolarPV-Rack4" SCH40 (1)23
    43057090474-SolarPV-Rack4" SCH40 (1 or 2)30
    53057090485-SolarPV-Rack4" SCH40 (2)33
    63057090496-SolarPV-Rack4" SCH40 (2)39
    • *Solar Panel Mounting System requires one, 4.0" SCH40, steel pipe as a horizontal cross support beam; this is to be cut to length based on number and type of solar panel.

    Other Accessories

    ItemOrder No.DescriptionShipping Information
    Size (LxWxH)Wt. (lbs)
    DC Disconnect305709035Safety Switch IP66, 600Vdc 25A 2-Pole4.5" x 4.0" x 7.25"1.25
    AC/DC Converter581114204Fhoton AC/DC Converter (3/4 - 1.5HP)10" x 10" x 10"11
    Mounting bracket226944901Mounting bracket for Fhoton VFD or AC/DC unit10.5" x 7.13" x 7"1.5
    Comm. Card581COMM-APPWi-Fi Module for Fhoton VFDs13.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"0.5