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Order Info
    • Volute: Cast iron for heavy duty service. Back pullout design. Can be rotated for ease of installation. 6 x 8 -13 and 8 x 10 - 13 are split volutes for reduction in radial bearing load.
    • Impeller: Enclosed design for high efficiency. Configured for superior NPSH characteristics, internally hydraulically balanced for reduced axial bearing load.
    • Seal: Packed box with lantern ring or mechanical seal with carbon ceramic faces, BUNA elastomers and 300 series stainless components.
    • Bearing Frame: Heavy duty iron, oversized shaft, max-life bearings and grease lubrication.
    • Power Frame: Heavy duty iron with oversized shaft and max-life bearings. Double-keyed impeller.
    • Mounting: Can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position.

    Maintenance Features:

    • Replaceable bronze wear rings
    • Replaceable shaft sleeve
    • Casing and frame jack-out holes
    • Frame and volute lifting bosses
    • 2 piece stainless packing gland


    • Irrigation
    • Commercial
    • Construction
    • Municipal
    • Mining
    • Industrial
  • Pump Size
    (Dis x Suc - Imp)
    RotationSealModelOrder No.Weight
    3 x 4 - 13CWPackingXS4313-BFP-CW64040313102277
    4 x 6 - 13HCWPackingXS6413H-BFP-CW64060413104294
    6 x 8 - 13CWPackingXS8613-BFP-CW64080613102390
    8 x 10 - 13CWPackingXS10813-BFP-CW64100813102575